Student Express


Why choose trains?

Manchester has many train stations within the city centre with Piccadilly and Victoria being the largest. If you live a little far from campus, trains are the best option for you. They operate at regular intervals throughout the day and it offers great flexibility as you can change from train to train depending on your ticket.

Trains from all over the UK arrive at either Victoria or Piccadilly, so getting to university from far away has never been easier. Manchester Oxford Road is the most popular station for MMU students as it is near All Saints Campus. It is also directly linked to Piccadilly with services operating roughly every 10 minutes.

Train tickets

  • Anytime

    Any route permitted
  • Off-peak

    Cheaper than anytime ticket
    Any route permitted from:
    10am - 3:30pm
    6:30pm - 4:30am
  • Advance

    Specific train and route
    Cheaper than Off-peak
    Usually non-refundable
  • 16-25 Railcard

    1/3 off any train ticket
    Only applies after 10am
    Single or return tickets only
    £30 per year
  • Season

    Purchase options:
    7 Days
    1 Month
    3 Months
    6 Months
    12 Months
  • Multi-model

    Any bus, train or tram
    System One County Card
    Weekly £36.30
    Montly £113
    Annual £1,132

How to find your train

There are many tools that can help you find what train you need to get. Here's a list of some popular journey planners: